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We recognize the importance of holding a perfect implement in hand gives a user the confidence, control and precision it requires, this is what we strive for.Scrutinize provides professional beauty care instruments to customers all over the globe. We ensure that every instrument being produced by us is crafted to its perfection.

Our instruments are manufactured to highest precision and it starts from selecting the right raw material and transforming it to a perfect instrument that is ready to become an extension of your hand for creative and comfortable work.

All our products undergo stringent quality tests at every stage of production to assure their flawlessness.

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SCRUTINIZE, we believe that quality can only be achieved through quality raw material. As such, the best quality Raw-materials (S.S. Strips, Round Bars, S.S.Coils and S.S.Tubes) are imported directly from Japan & France and are subjected to composition and hardness testing through our in-house Laboratory in order to ensure that only the best materials are passed on to production departments.